Our Karate home study program was originally created to help our student train at home and for Kids with special needs unable to train at a Physical Dojo.   The program is organized by Sensei David, who currently operates a dojo in Maryland.  The Idea of the Home study programs came from a Parent asking to record a few lessons for a child with Autism that just loved karate but would not be able to attend class.


With that in mind  Sensei David took his 30 years of experience in Martial Arts experience as a student and Instructor and  put together a easy to follow lessons for home use.  

Our Dojo is part of The Shito-Kai USA, We are part of the USANKF (United States America National Karate Federation)


we have 3 USANKF Officials, and 4 USANKF Coaches.  Our Dojo has 2 Black Belts on Team USA.

Our Blackbelts are awarded to us by Kyoshi Shoko Sato


And Recently  Kyoshi Tanzadeh


Both Highly Respected Globally in the world of Karate


You will Gain Access to Learn and Take Lessons with World Class Blackbelts   

Sensei David - Founder

Sensei Karla Flores - Founder of Senshi Karate

Sensei Faby Herrera -  Elite Kata Athlete, USA National Team Member 16-17 

Sensei David Mejia -  Elite Kata Athlete, USA National Team Member 18-34

Sensei Jonathan   - WKF Elite Kumite Coach and Athlete 18-34, Dojo Owner Virginia

Sensei Ben  - USANKF Kata Coach - Independent Dojo Owner New York / New Jersey

Sensei Micheal - Former TEAM USA Kata Athlete, Current Elite Kata Coach and Founder of Apex Karate Performance team



The Online Program

Our online karate courses include video lessons, Bonus support videos of techniques and skills, demonstrations of practical applications of techniques, online testing, and instructor support to help lead you from white belt through Advanced belts and beyond.

 Please Know that Online Lessons will never be able to replace a good traditional program, so we encourage you to support your local Martial Arts Programs. Karate Like many martial arts requires hands on experience with others and if you are not able to attend a physical Dojo, we hope to meet you at Seminars, tournaments or invite you to come visit us. 

Thank you for your support and hope you grow to love karate as much as we do!  We are always here to help!



P.S. Thank you for  giving me your time! Feel Free to message me anytime"


- Sensei David


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