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Learn the Art of Karate from Home


Keep your Kids active while they learn self defense, they will have fun and stay active watching our videos.

The Follow along with short lessons teaching you step by step.  If you have never done anything, that is ok. 


  • Short Video Video Lessons
  • Learn Self Defense
  • Build self-confidence
  • Stay in Shape with Total Body Drills
  • Commitment FREE
  • Real Belt Testing
  • Accredited Certificate 




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A message from Sensei David

I have been in Martial Arts for 30 years and have been teaching for 25. I setup this online program for my own students only to realize I could help reach so many more students that do not have access to karate School or can not afford Costly Tuitions.


Easy To Follow Lessons

Access short easy to follow instructional videos as we were face to face in the dojo.

Each Karate technique is broken down and explained, along with videos on how to train and develop the movements


Train at Home

After reviewing the video lesson you can train on your own time, anywhere at any time of the day.   This flexibility allows you to repeat the videos as many times as you need before moving on to the next lesson.

Earn Real Certifications

When ever you feel your Child is ready for the next level, you Can Complete your belt test online and get direct feedback from Sensei David to earn your official Karate Rank

Become a BlackBelt

Now this wont happen over night, but soon enough you will find yourself getting ready for your Black belt. A True Life Accomplishment

Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

There are lots of reasons martial arts is a good match for kids who learn and think differently. Here are a few benefits. Click the Titled for More details

Many kids struggle with the pressure of competing with other kids. But in martial arts, the focus is on self-improvement. There’s no “letting down the team.”

Some kids who learn and think differently feel like they never “win” at anything. In martial arts, kids work at their own pace. They earn a different colored belt every time they reach a new skill level. This can boost self-esteem and keep them motivated.

A technique or form in martial arts can have dozens of different movements. But kids learn gradually, repeating and adding steps as they go. They learn to anticipate which step comes next. And eventually, they put everything together into fluid movements.

Good martial arts instructors have clear rules and constantly reinforce them. They also emphasize good behavior in and out of class. Some even send kids home with behavior charts for parents and caregivers to sign.

It’s a myth that martial arts encourage violent behavior. In fact, instructors often say that fighting is a last resort. At the same time, kicking and karate chopping lets kids work out frustration or anger, while practicing self-control.

Respect is a core value in martial arts. Kids have to show it for their instructor and their peers. Negativity is generally not tolerated in class, and students are encouraged to support each other.

Kids who learn and think differently sometimes feel awkward or out of the loop. But lots of kids think martial arts are cool. It’s hard not to feel special when you’re wearing martial arts gear and breaking boards in half.

Doing martial arts movements can help kids get a better feel for their body in space. This is good for kids who struggle with motor skills. It also helps kids understand the power of the mind over the body.

Attention is central to martial arts. Kids have to stay focused to learn and to do the movements. When a child’s focus drifts, instructors often ask them to take the “ready stance.” This lets them reset and get ready for what’s next.

Years or Experience working with all Ages

With over 25 years of teaching experience in martial arts. i have seen an experienced all the circumstance and challenges when working with children.  The one thing they all have in common is they are happy to learn but  at their own pace.  Let me help you start your child karate journey by working together.

Rank at your Own Speed

With my program, we want to reward our students for the work they put in.  So once your child is ready, I will personally review their progress so they can earn their next rank and certification.

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"Wonderful experience and knowledge for your kids!! I love them.."

Gaby Gabriela

"I am very pleased with the way my children are treated here and their mental growth. They are very professional and detailed. Very clean and family oriented. Very dedicated in the development to have the students thriving. Definitely recommend this place."

Kady King

"everything about sensei David and his dojo is absolutely wonderful. 10/10 would definitely recommend his dojo if you want a great learning experience!"

Wildo Argandona
Proud Dad

Parent Reviews

Our Program is Top of the Line, see our 5 Star Reviews on Facebook and Google.

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Learn Karate Home Study Program

Welcome to my Karate Home Study Program. The lessons are designed to learn and practice karate from anywhere.  The Weekly lessons are design for regular students as well as  Special Needs Children. You can Select which program fits your circumstance and need.

You will gain access all the benefits of Karate.  Working at your own speed along with the feedback and support from me Sensei David.

All through our interactive, online dojo, where you’ll receive 24/7 access to exclusive Video Lessons complete with bonus support videos for parents, instructions and helpful training tips and techniques.

Free Karate Trial Program
  • Karate helps focus on the body and the mind.
  • Help kids build respect, self-control, and focus.
  • Learn self-defense
  • A great alternative to team sports.
  • Karate can help kids feel more confident.

5 Star Reviews

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Introduction to Karate


White Belt Level Only

  • White Belt Basics
  • Basic Blocking
  • Basic  Kicks
  • Punching Techniques
  • Workout sessions
  • Training Plan to Follow
  • access our community group

Live Zoom Lessons + Online Program



  • Ful Program
  • Live Zoom Session
  • Self Defense
  • Punching Techniques
  • Training Plans
  • Community group
  • Contact Sensei David

Online Program



  • Full Program White to Black Belt
  • Blocking
  • Kicks
  • Punching Techniques
  • Self Defense
  • Workout sessions
  • Training Plan to Follow
  • Community group

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